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Kingdom Capital LLC has contribution in the field of education for the last 10 years and has developed a unique and unconventional approach in online as well as offline learning.

The Jewelry College, is an internationally accredited school for studies in jewelry, diamonds, gemology and management. Kingdom Capital Group’ Jewelry College is known for its unique and adaptable professional programming, experiential learning opportunities and highly qualified and experienced team of faculties.

The faculty are dedicated in providing you with a world class education that will support in enhancing your capabilities to reach the requirement of an ever growing industry.

The Jewelry College is located at one the most luxurious and high end designer’s hub.

eLearn is a fast growing digital education company that is focused on providing eLearning solutions.

eLearn is precisely an attempt to contribute to the process of learning by making it effective and engaging in innovative ways. At eLearn, we engineer solutions that enrich teaching and learning experience. The emphasis here is to go beyond the chalk & talk method and stimulate the learning environment. Our focus is to integrate technology with learning.

At eLearn we not only adopt new technology, but also modify them to meet the needs of teachers and students

eLearn believes that leadership in any field is essential. In order to be an effective educational leader one must foster a conception of excellence within the classrooms. This is where we hand out. Time has proved that Kingdom Capital  LLC is the part of Educational Revolution and now as a sister concern of the Kingdom Capital  team.. it’s our part to play. We provide a number of eSense Solutions so as to boil down the complex issues of education and provide a concise statement of what needs to be done.

With the future of the country in the hands of educationalist, eSense has taken on the responsibility of cultivating the future leaders by equipping our children with syllabus based 2D and 3D multimedia animations