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Food Processing

Kingdom Capital Group aims to develop Plug and Play Food Parks at various destinations across the Globe in Public Private Partnership Mode. The goal is to stop the wastage of food via this farm to fork solution worth billions of dollars every year. 

This move will provide food to consumers at affordable prices as availability will increase and that too in lean seasons hereby putting a stop to lobbying and hoarding of food products through preservation and Value addition. 

This should also promote first generation Entrepreneurship and also remove the risk of depreciation of machinery and overheads since food processing happens to be a seasonal business to a stand alone unit vis-a-vis to a mega facility which is designed on the basis of a complete horticultural calendar study done on the basis of availability of raw material in the region.

In a place like UAE where the vision of the Kingdom is to be self sufficient with Food needs; Agriculture research and  food processing will be a big boom in the near future.

Kingdom Capital group also offers Dairy management services for A2 Milk

We have started a practice of donating cows that produce high quality A2 milk to farmer groups. Cow feed is quality controlled & collection is temperature controlled while supplied back for pasteurization through a cold chain.

Rich in vitamin D, indigenous cow’s A2 Milk is super easy to digest. With the homegrown blockchain technology that KC possesses you can now Scan the QR code on the pack to find out the exact time & place it was collected. You can also download a report of 35 lab tests conducted on that batch of milk.