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Renewable Energy

Kingdom Capital Group has tied up with an organically homegrown Dubai company – one of the youngest and most dynamic markets for renewable energy developments. 

With our headquarters based in the UAE, we are strategically placed to cash in on the region’s Photo Voltaic solar opportunities while playing an important role deployment of solar power generation technology in other markets.

Many of these key markets are in Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia i.e the MENA region.

The following solar projects across the world are in pipeline under the JV.

  • Uzbekistan/ Debaland, 243MWp
  • Poland, 93MWp
  • Iraq, 150MWp,
  • Uzbekistan Phase 2: 432MWp
  • Mali, 93MWp

The overall renewable energy profile amounts to more than 272 Million USD investment over 1.01GWp energy production and we aim to cross 1.5Gigawatt production in the coming year.